Updated 07/22/16






Each Bengal cat has been carefully selected and bred with
the goal to produce kittens with striking coats, wild heads
structured bodies reminiscent of the Asian Leopard
Cat and with loving, dependable temperaments.

Introducing baby boy named, Surfer....

~ Available ~




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Planned Litters

Bahiya Painted Ripples
x Cheetahsden Tsiara

Dad - Ripples  

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  Mom - Tsiara


Planned Breeding
July 2016


Cheetahsden Treasure Island
x Cheetahsden Catkins Incognito

Dad - Treasure

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  Mom - Inki


Planned Breeding
July/August 2016


Bangles Changbai
x Cheetahsden Head in the Clouds

Dad - Changbai

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  Mom - Halo


Planned Breeding
August 2016




 ~ Experience the thrill of a Cheetahsden Bengal  ~