Updated 03/04/15




Available Kittens

Each Bengal cat has been carefully selected and bred with
the goal to produce kittens with striking coats, wild heads
structured bodies reminiscent of the Asian Leopard
Cat and with loving, dependable temperaments.




Our current kittens are leaving for their happy
 new homes.  We are now accepting deposits
for our
waiting list for upcoming litters.



~ Under Evaluation ~

(Click on Photo for More Pictures of Male Kitten, Nick)

This cutie was born on Christmas Day, and his name
is Saint Nicholas, "Nick".  He is currently under
evaluation.  If he becomes available, he will
be offered to those on my waiting list first



Litters Due

Epsilon Razor x Exoticrose Island Girl


Dad - Razor

(Click on Photos)

    Mom - Catalina


Due March, 2015



Bahiya Painted Ripples
x Sehnsational Fanlettah

Dad - Ripples

(Click on Photos)

Mom - Fanlettah


Due March, 2015


Litters Planned

Bahiya Painted Ripples of Cheetahsden
x Cheetahsden Tsiara

Dad - Ripples

(Click on Photos)

Mom - Tsiara


Planned Breeding
January/February, 2015



Available Adults

Adults are our older kittens which we have held back for
breeder evaluation or retired breeder cats that we are
offering to be adopted into wonderful homes or they are 
awesome Bengals that are in need of a new forever home.

" .


(Click on Photo for More Pictures of Female Adult, Catkins)





 ~ Experience the thrill of a Cheetahsden Bengal  ~