Located in Dallas/Fort Worth, Cheetahsden Bengals comes from 20 years of breeding exceptional Bengals and represents what Bengal
enthusiasts today are searching for:  health, beauty, intelligence
and athleticism with pedigrees that come from Champion to
Supreme Grand Champion bloodlines.

Cheetahsden Bengals is a small cattery.  We are what you would call "hobby breeders".  This is not a business for us, but a hobby.  Cheetahsden Bengals is a Certified TICA Outstanding Cattery and
Cattery of Excellence and our kittens are TICA registered. We are
also a TIBCS Breeder of Distinction and abide by TIBCS Code of
Ethics and are here for our kittens and their families.  Our
honesty, knowledge and experience give our kittens and
their new families a greater chance of success and
future happiness. 

Our Bengal cats and Bengal kittens are, first and foremost, our
beloved pets and live in our home with us and our Italian
Greyhound, Riley.  Our Bengals have the full run of our
home, as well as their own outdoor enclosure.

Please visit our "
Kitten Page" for information on our
Bengal kittens available for adoption.


~ Experience the thrill of a Cheetahsden Bengal  ~


The International Bengal Cat Society
Breeder of Distinction

We are also a Certified TICA Outstanding Cattery
and Cattery of Excellence

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