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When can our new kitten come home?

We allow our kittens to leave for their new homes between 12 and 14 weeks of age.  At this age, kittens are more confident and will not be as stressed going to their new homes, as they would be at a younger age.  Our kittens receive a thorough examination by our wonderful veterinarian, are spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, accompanied with a health record, pedigree and are sold with a generous health guarantee. 

What are your kitten prices?

Cheetahsden kittens are priced at $3000, if they are being sold as pets.  Shipping, if applicable, is additional.  I will not ship my kittens in cargo, but I will fly the kitten to its destination. That cost will depend on where you are located.  Of course, you are always welcome to come here and get your kitten or I could meet you at the airport.  Our prices are comparable with that of other reputable breeders selling high-quality pets.  If you are looking to find a “less expensive” Bengal, you may want to look into adopting a retired breeder or adult.

Adults are cats that have been used as breeding cats and are now altered and I am looking for permanent, loving homes for them.  Or occasionally, an adult might be a gorgeous Bengal that needs a different home, for some reason or another.  Adults are typically available for under $2000.  My first Bengal was a retired adult and they make amazing companions for the right homes.

How do I reserve a Cheetahsden Bengal?

Cheetahsden Bengals are highly desired. We are not a cattery that has multiple litters at all times throughout the year. We like to pamper our queens and give them the time needed to recover between litters. We raise extremely socialized kittens and each kitten is given the utmost attention. This allows them to transition into any type of home environment easily.  We usually have a small waiting list for our kittens. To get on our waiting list, fill out our Kitten Application, call or send us an email and I will forward our questionnaire. If you are a perfect match for one of our sweet kittens, you will need to place a deposit. Once we find the perfect kitten for your home, the deposit is applied to the purchase price. We do not hold kittens without a deposit.  

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